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Information&Access ご案内とアクセス


  • Opening hours

    Lunch 12:00~15:00
    Dinner 18:00~
  • Closing days

    On Mondays and the first Tuesday of each month
    * If Monday is a public holiday the day of closure changes.
    * End of the year Holidays and summer vacation.
  • Reservation and contact

    It is necessary to make a reservation.
    You can book from two months before the date of your arrival.
    You can book by phone or using the form for reservation of the site.
    TEL 042-381-1101

How to come to TERAKOYA

  • If you come by train:

    Take the JR Chuo line, get off at the South exit of Musashi-Koganei station. The restaurant is approximately a 5-minute walk from the South exit.
    The fire station take the narrow lane on the right opposite diagonal. This street is to the right of the building pictured on the map below.


  • If you come by car:

    -From the Tokyo area:
    You get off at the Chofu Chuo exit, at the branch continue towards Kunitachi Fuchu please.
    -In the region of Kofu:
    You get off at the exit of Chuo Kunitachi, at the branch continue in the direction of Tachikawa Fuchu please.


Map and address

〒 184-0013 Koganei-shi, Tokyo Maehara-cho 3-33-32


  • お客様のご都合により当日キャンセルされた場合、キャンセル料を100%頂戴いたします。








  • Birthdays

    For birthdays or celebrations we can specially prepare a cake. Our patissiers will be delighted to make it for you. During the meal we take care of the presentation and the cutting. We can also prepare it for take-out.
    ※12㎝¥3,000 / 15㎝¥4,000 / 18㎝¥4,500 (+tax)
  • Bouquet of flowers

    For anniversaries and holidays we can prepare a bouquet of flowers. Tell us your budget, the message that you want to include, and your preferences for flowers.
    A florist who is attached to the restaurant will work to create the bouquet.
    Please ask us for more details.
  • Transport

    A partner company will make available at your request a vehicle of limousine type. We will pick you up, or after the meal we will drop you to the location that you have specified. The TERAKOYA meal becomes a small journey.
    ※Please ask us for more details.
  • Gifts and souvenirs

    If you want to make a gift or bring back a souvenir, we can prepare for you cakes, hors-d’œuvres and wine.
    ※Please ask us for more details.

Dress code

  • "Smart Casual" as long as the your casual attire does not constitute an annoyance to other guests.

Admission of children

  • In reference to the Japanese education system, it is hoped that only children being junior high-school student enter the restaurant.

Area information

  • sapmle

    cherry trees of Koganei

    Originally cherry of Koganei (Yamasakura type) were planted on both sides of the aqueduct of Tamagawa in the development of new rice fields in the region. They have been brought from Yoshinoyama Nara and Sakuragawa in Ibaraki province around 1737, during the Edo period.

    1.7km from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Koganei Park

    This is a great park of eighty acres along the aqueduct Tamagawa. At first, it was planned in 1940 as part of the commemoration of 2600 years of the imperial era. After the war it was used as a place of temporary residence of the crown prince, in 1954 it became a municipal public park.

    1.9km distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

    Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum opened in 1993. It is located in Koganei Park, covers an area of approximately seven hectares, you can find thirty restored buildings from the Showa period to the Edo period.

    Photo Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum

    2,1 km distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Hake no mori Museum

    Previously Memorial Kenichi Nakamura, it changes status and name in 2006 (Kenichi Nakamura Memorial Museum Koganei Municipal Museum Hake no mori). Focused on the collection of Kenichi Nakamura, a pillar of the Western painting,  active during  Taisho period and Showa. Depending on the programming of the museum, in addition to the permanent collection there are temporary exhibitions.
    Photo Museum Hake no mori

    1.2km distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Ghibli Museum

    The Ghibli Museum is located between Mitaka and Kichijouji, surrounded by greenery. You can experience the world of Ghibli studios with many fans from around the world. You'll like to lose yourself in the labyrinthine space.
    * You must book in advance entry by specifying date and time of arrival in the Museum.
    Tel. 055777-0570
    Photo courtesy Museo d ' Arte Ghibli

    8,7 km distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Tonogayato Garden

    The garden is set in the grounds of a villa built between 1913 and 1915 by Teijo Eguchi, vice president of the Manchurian Railway. In 1929 the villa became the property of the Iwasaki family, of Mitsubishi conglomerate. The city acquired in 1974, after a reorganization it opens to public as paying park. In September 2011, he became a national cultural property (Location picturesque).

    2.2km distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Temple of Jindaiji

    Jindaiji temple name comes from the name of God "jinjataisho" which is a protective God of the Buddhist religion. Founded in 733 by Makojojin. Converted in 859 to the Tendai current. It is the Amidasanson deity which is worshipped. After the Sensoji temple, it is the second oldest temple in Tokyo. Jindai Botanical Park, which is adjacent is also renowned.
    Picture Jindaiji

    6.8km de distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Soroizumi garden

    During the Meiji and Taisho periods, Hatano Shōgorō was a member of the Council of the Mitsui Bank, diplomat and member of the House of representatives. This garden was originally his secondary residence, this green space is now open to the public. It was named from the former Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai, who visited it in 1919.

    0.4km de distance from TERAKOYA

  • sapmle

    Nogawa park

    It is a public garden in picturesque landscapes rich in greenery and streams, it follows the line of Kokubunji (国分寺崖線, strip of land not urbanized). Previously, he was the golf of international Christian University (国際基督教大学). The golf course was purchased in 1974 from June 1980 it is open to the public. It is a park immersed in nature in which you will relax.

    2.2km distance from TERAKOYA