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Landscape 景観

TERAKOYA was built in southern slope of a hill with beautiful views. In the past, the Tama river in its course designed the landscape around here, the name "brush" 「HAKE」 was given to this region which is also the setting of the novel by Shohei Ooka, "the Lady of Musashino". Below there is the Japanese Garden, and if the weather is good you can see in the distance the mountains of Tanzawa and Mount Fuji.
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    Restaurant with panoramic views.
    The building recalls a mansion, a European Manor, a part of the building dates from the early era of Sh...
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    Near the entrance.
    After having passed the registered logo of the brand "TERAKOYA" on the entrance wall, you led to the parking and on t...
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    The evening at the restaurant.
    The day falls, at dusk lights on dinner tables are lit,
    the restaurant is surrounded by the smiles of cu...
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