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About Musashino

TERAKOYA is not a restaurant in the centre of a big city.

By analogy with France, the distance to the center of Tokyo is exactly equivalent to the distance from Paris to Versailles. If you want to take distance with your daily life, if you want to take your time a little distance can be a good solution. Come with the feeling to make a short trip.
The fertile land of "Mousashino" has since the Jomon era always been conducive to men that she always provide in large numbers.
More recently, the writer Kunikida Doppo wrote beautiful texts on these these villages and these natural landscapes. Always between nature and the city, this land has always washed the heart and has appeased by its flowers and plants.
"Musashino", from yesterday to today continues to exist in the form of a single idea and continues to radiate far beyond the capital.

TERAKOYA in Koganei city

KOGANEI is famous for cherry from the Edo period. Those two thousand Merisies planted on the banks of the aqueduct  of Tamagawa was known as the "Cherry of Koganei", these cherries were planted three hundred years ago.
The best point of view of the Kanto reputation attracted many artists of ûkio-e such as Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai who painted even a print (Nishikie).