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At TERAKOYA, we sell vouchers for meals that can be a very good gift idea. You can buy according to your budget the number of vouchers you want, each having a value of 1000 yen. These vouchers can be used at Kichijoji in brasserie "Edible" and Tachikawa in the brewery "Amicale". We invite you to offer them to people who are dear to you.
We can make gift wrap These vouchers are available at TERAKOYA in the adjacent shop and the two branches brasseries.
Where to use those vouchers

□Restaurant TERAKOYA      3-33 -32 Maehara-Cho KOGANEI-Shi, Tokyo        ℡:042-381-1101

□ Brasserie Edible           Musashino Kichijoji Hon-Cho 1-8-21  ℡:0422-23-3903
□Brasserie Amicale          Tachikawa-Shi Shibasaki-Cho 2-3-13      ℡:042-512-7868

≪Important points concerning their use≫
Date of expiration・・・one year from the day of the purchase of the vouchersvouchers whose expiration date has expired cannot be used.
These vouchers may not be exchanged.
It is not possible to receive change from this vouchers
We are not responsible for theft, loss or destruction of these vouchers.