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About Terakoya

We welcome you at TERAKOYA since 1954, offering creative cuisine served in a natural and elegant setting.
Your name will come to join the list of illustrious customers, Prime Ministers, directors, Japanese actors who came within these walls. We use all our energy so that you have a  a warm and magical moment enjoying cuisine mixing tradition and culinary daring.

Where does the name "TERAKOYA" comes from

The first head of TERAKOYA Saiichi Hazama went to France to study painting, mingling with the world of art and that of gastronomy before returning to Japan.
In 1934, he set up his studio in the green Musashino, he devoted himself entirely to the creation.
1945, the war ended. In a period where everything is to be rebuild, he chose to abandon his artistic career to find its mode of expression in the culinary arts.
Though he opened his workshop to demonstrate his art to his guests; he began meetings to teach culinary techniques. His students tight around him were like students at a temple school (Terakoya in Japanese) he thought.

"Teaching, studying, improving" this is why the first chef gave the name “TERAKOYA” to this restaurant.