History 歴史

  • 1930

    (初代) 間 載一
    Chief Saiichi Hazama. He went to France to study painting, at the same time he learns French culinary art before returning to Japan.
    Photo:Premier Chief Saiichi Hazama
  • 1934

    He built in Musashino Koganei his domicile/workshop in an European architectural style which is extremely rare for the time. There, he devoted himself to his art.
    The room, where he used to paint, is currently called as at the time "l'Atelier". It still welcomes a large number of customers.
    photos:  the building construction
    • sample

    • sample

  • 1946

    At the end of the war it is hard to make a living from his art, he chose to abandon painting, and decides to recreate the dishes he had discovered in France. He opened a restaurant in Nihonbashi.
  • 1949

    Nihonbashi restaurant is closed for various reasons, it installs it at his home in KOGANEI.
    While serving clients as a restaurant, he devoted a small space for the teaching of French cuisine.
  • 1954

    The restaurant finds its balance, despite its small size,  the statutes of a company are filed, his name will be "TERAKOYA".
    Starting with political circles and business people who appreciate this discreet meeting place, there were many customers despite very high prices for the time, sometimes coming from afar.

    Photo:atmosphere of the day
  • 1955

    (2代目) 間 武男
    The second Chief, Takeo Hazama, Takeo Hazama, to perfect his culinary skills traveled 13 countries in Europe. The stages of his journey were the subject of articles in the Japanese press. Subsequently these articles were published as a book.
    (間 武男『ヨーロッパ味のドライブ』主婦と生活社 1963年刊) no English edition.