Course コース紹介


  • SPECIAL LUNCH・・・・ 6,000 yen (excluded Tax and service fees) 

    Appetizers / Starter / Soup / Meat dish / Dessert
    Special lunch menu with 5 dishes from Tuesday to Friday except public holidays.
  • MENU TERAKOYA・・・・13,000 yen  (excluded Tax and service fees)

    Appetizers /Starter 1 /Starter 2 /Starter 3 /Soup /Fish dish /Meat dish /Dessert 1/Dessert 2
    Created using seasonal ingredientswe recommend this menu crafted in the  Hazama's original sense.
  • MENU TERAKOYA 3/4・・・・10,000 yen (Excluded Tax and service fees)

    Appetizers /starter1 /starter2 /soup /fish dish /meat dish /dessert
    Menu of seven dishes with seasonal ingredients carefully selected.
  • MENU TERAKOYA PLUS・・・・ 18,000 yen (Excluded Tax and service fees)

    Appetizers /starter1 /starter2 /starter3 /soup /fish dish /meat dish /dessert1 /dessert2
    Superb menu of including high quality ingredients.
    ※ In order to serve you the best way possible, thank you to contact us two working days before your reservation.
◎ There is no menu "à la carte"
◎ If you have food allergies, please notify us at time of booking .
※ service will be charged 10% (15% in the case of private rooms ) separately.
※ It is possible to use the private rooms for all menus except for the special lunch menu, It is also desired to be used by four people or more.
※ If you wish to change or cancel reservations, please let us know by phone or e-mail the day before your reservation before 20:00
( The cancellation fee will not be applied )
※ In the case of a cancellation the day of the reservation, you will be charged 30 % of the costs of food, if you do not contact us , you will be charged 100% of the menu price as a cancellation fee.
◎ This restaurant does welcomes guests upon reservation. ( You can book from two months prior to your reservation ) .
Please book from WEB page or  by phone.

TEL 042-381-1101